Twelve Cupcakes

1 Mar

What can be better than a cupcake after a hearty meal? Twelve Cupcakes by its name, had 12 cupcakes (1 special cupcake daily) on its shelves everyday. Twelve Cupcakes was founded by the local celebrities couple, Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo.

I had the chocolate chocolate cupcake (Yes, that’s the name of the cupcake, its not a typo error) , which is a cupcake with chocolate cream cheese on top. As its name implies, the cupcake tasted very chocolatey, while not too sweet. I love it. However, I would have preferred the cupcake to be moister.

Though the place is not big, if you feel like having a cup of coffee while appreciating the cupcake, you can still do so. Besides cupcakes, Twelve Cupcakes served coffee as well. While I did not try the coffee, I could not comment on the quality of the coffee.

Prices of the cupcakes here are slightly on the high side, $3 each, $17 for half dozen and $33 for a dozen.

I would not say that Twelve Cupcakes sells the best cupcakes around but the novelty of the cupcakes is definitely worth mentioning. If you like cupcakes, perhaps you can also try “My Fat Lady” at 53 Haji Lane. I personally adore the cupcakes there.

Verdict: 8/10

9 Raffles Boulevard
01-52 Millennia Walk
Singapore 039596
Contact: 6337 7680

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