Hong Ji Herbs Bak Ku Teh

3 Mar

This time round we are at Marsiling! Getting adventurous, where we travelled from one part of the city to another, just one stone away to the Woodlands checkpoint. Having craving for Bak Ku Teh (pork ribs soup), me and my girlfriend unanimously agreed to go all the way to Marsiling to try the recommended herbal Bak Ku Teh at Hong Ji Herbs Bak Ku Teh.

We had wanted to order the braised pork trotters but it was sold out by the time we reached. So we settled for the braised pork. We were not disappointed though. The dish was pretty well executed. The pork was lean and not oily, tasty too. Moreover, there were lots of meat. However, I would have preferred the gravy to be thicker.

Nonetheless, we had the mixed herbal Bak Ku Teh, which came with the innards, pork ribs and bean curb skin. How can we miss out this dish when its the key thing that drew us all the way to Marsiling… Presented in a claypot, this mixed herbal Bak Ku Teh is just nice for a rainy day. Just happened that its a rainy day, we had wanted something soupy and hot.

As its name implies, the soup carries a herbal taste.  Large servings with lots of meat, innards and dried bean curb. Soup was not bitter and was nice. Good to go with white rice. One can have the choice of having just the pork ribs soup without the innards. So do not freak out.

Overall, it had been a good meal. I would say its an affordable meal too. At $15, we get the above dishes (with 2 bowls of white rice not shown) and satisfied our craving. Not too bad, ya. Value for money too. But it may not be worth the extra miles to travel all the way to Marsiling to try it. Though they have other branches at other parts of the island, I could not comment on their quality since I had only been to their headquarters at Marsiling. Girl friend commented that we would be better off travelling to Shun Fa at Johor. How nostalgic… I would do a review on Shun Fa at Johor once I have the chance of going there again. Meanwhile, if you like herbal Bak Ku Teh, perhaps you can also try Leong Kee Bak Ku Teh at Beach Road where the soup is also herbal and the convenient location, makes it attractive.

Verdict: 7/10

Blk 19 Marsiling Lane
Singapore 730019

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