11 May

Saveur used to be at East Coast Road, the very same shop space that nested the now very popular restaurant, Aston Specialities. In order to reach out more to the crowd, Saveur had relocated their shop space to Purvis Street. I’m glad they did so for a more convenient location for all.

We were there on a Friday evening at 18.00 and there was already a very long queue forming outside at that time. We queued for an hour before we had the chance to find a seat in the restaurant. That was certainly not easy… That just shows how packed and popular, Saveur is… Phew… Luckily the food came fast enough. If not, we would not be able to imagine how hungry we will be.

We ordered the ever popular dish, Angel Hair Pasta for sharing. There were 2 options to select from, (1) with sherry minced pork and sakura ebi, (2) with Tiger Prawn and Lumpfish Caviar. We went with option 2, Angel Hair Pasta with Tiger Prawn and Lumpfish Caviar. Taste wise was just average, pasta with olive oil. Tiger prawn and caviar were too small to notice though. Jokes aside, servings of the prawn and caviar were just not large but still reasonable. At S$3.90 for (1) and S$ 6.90 for (2), both were a steal, one can’t really complain much…

Upon the recommendation of the staff, we ordered the Confit of Salmon with Apple and Fennel Salad. While the salmon was tender and fresh, we just felt that something was missing. They were short of a robust sauce that could add value the dish.

Whenever I make a visit to a French restaurant, I would not give up the chance to order one of my favourite, the Duck Confit. I would not forgo my chance this time as well. We had the Confit of Duck with Orange Segment And Saute Shittake. I would say we enjoyed this the most out of all the dishes we ordered. The duck meat was tender and flavorful for the price tag of S$8.90. But certainly, there is still room for improvement. Oh man, I miss my Duck Confit at Le Bistro, which was covered in my past reviews.

Conclusion: Saveur, is definitely one of the French restaurant that should be in your list of restaurants, that would not hurt your pockets. With such affordable fare, everyone can enjoy French food at the price of hawker food! One must take note that you have to be prepared to queue for quite awhile.

Verdict: 7/10

5 Purvis Street
Singapore 188584
Contact no. 6333 3121
Walk-in Only
Operation Hours:
Lunch 12 to 3 pm
Dinner 6 to 9.30 pm

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  1. new launch May 11, 2012 at 8:14 AM #

    Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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