Menya Musashi

14 May

Menya Musashi, the famous Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Japan, is finally here in Singapore. This is their very first outlet in Singapore and the second outlet out of Japan. How could we have miss the chance of trying the Ramen here when we pass by Raffles City every other day. Menya Musashi is located at level 1 of Raffles City, with the shop facing Dockers.

I could always see line of queue forming outside the shop and I told myself that I got to try the Ramen here one day. There must be something special about the Ramen. Today is the day! We were lucky that we got served pretty quickly when we got there in the evening at half past 6 pm. At 7 pm, there were already a long queue outside the shop. Phew, god bless us. It would be a nightmare queuing for 2 consecutive weeks. I could still recalled the torture of queuing last week at Saveur.

While I had set my mind on ordering the Tsukumen with black soup base, we had asked the staff for recommendations for the other. We were recommended the Black Kakuni Ramen and we went along with the recommendation. What sets the Ramen at Menya Musashi apart from others, lies in their soup and their noodles. For each order of Ramen, one is able to choose from 3 different soup base. (1) White soup base : mixture of pork bones and dried fish; (2) red soup base: spicy bean paste and (3) black soup base: fried onion and garlic.

For any order of Tsukumen, one can upsize from 1 times to 5 times at no additional cost. I being the dare devil, had initially wanted to challenge the 5 times… Haha. Sorry to disappoint, I went for the 2 times to survey the size of it before engaging the 5 times monster. I will be back! What really sets Menya Musashi apart is this Tsukumen. The Ramen was served in a separate bowl from the black soup. One got to dip the noodles in the soup, soak up the essence of the broth before consuming it. The soup is flavorful and rich in taste, while not heavy on the taste of the garlic. There’s only a small tinge of the garlic taste, in fact one would not be able to taste it if never pay attention to the details. The noodles were chewy and soft, the meant were tender and tasty. Overall, we were pretty satisfied with the quality of this Ramen. No complaints and nothing to fault on.

Here comes our next black Ramen… the Black Kakuni Ramen. The first thing that came to our mind, was that both the Ramen must have tasted the same since they are of the same soup base. To our surprise, its not really the same. We found the soup that came with the Tsukumen to be richer and we would have preferred that. The noodles were not really the same as well.  Texture of the noodles were harsher than that of the Tsukumen. Tsukumen won all hands down.

Conclusion: For a bowl of Ramen with sincerity, I would definitely recommend one to try the Tsukumen at Menya Musashi… One may wish to note that the varities of Ramen is limited. While the Tsukumen is different from the usual Ramen we used to have, the taste of this Ramen is on the pleasant side. I would be back to try their white soup base and red soup base and thereafter share my reviews here.

Verdict: 8/10

252 North Bridge Road,
#01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

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