Homely Cooked Food for Belated Mother’s Day Dinner

20 May

Some random shots of the home cooked food that I had whipped up for my mum’s belated mother’s day dinner. I had wanted to bring my mum out for a dinner but she was just being too lazy for the good treat and specified that I cook for her. Me: Really? You really want me to cook instead of having a good meal out there? And her answer is affirmative so I took over the spatula for a day. Haaa =P

1) Stir-fried spinach with three variety of eggs (Salted egg, Century egg & Chicken egg).

2) Fried dory fish accompanied with home-made Mango-Mayonnaise sauce.

3) Beancurd stuffed with minced meat and accompanied with home-made satay sauce.

What did I miss out? I think it would be better if we could have a soup to go along with the dishes. Nevertheless, I love food and cooking is what makes the full use out of the ingredients. There is always room for improvement and I will strive for it.


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