Piqnue Nique

25 May

I never would have imagined that we will be hanging around Jurong Area… We had an event at Lakeside and therefore decided to drop by Jcube to have a quick lunch before making our way to Lakeside. If not, I doubt I will ever be there anytime soon. While we were at Jcube, we happened to chance upon this cosy looking cafe, Piqnue Nique.

Frankly speaking, it is the ambience that had drawn us to the place. Chic and interesting decor. One could find a tree planted in a pot placed in the middle of the cafe. This chic looking cafe is under the Sugar daddy group where the owner is Chef Pang,  whom was formerly the pastry chef of the Les Amis Group’s Canele. Under the group, there is also Antoinette which already had its foothold in the dessert world of Singapore.

While I have heard good and bad reviews about the food here, we managed to convince ourselves in placing our orders. How would one know if the food is good or bad? Only by trying, one would be able to tell.

We ordered the Norwegian Egg Benedict and Piqnue Nique Classique Burger. Both the servings were generous. The Norwegian Egg Benedict came with 2 English muffin, with smoked salmon, poached eggs on top and salad as sides. While the taste was reasonable and normal, the poached eggs were a tad overcooked. I would have preferred the eggs to retain its yolk in liquid form.

Piqnue Nique Classique Burger was wow, big. Came with pickles, onions, beef patty and hamburger bun. It may have tasted like your double cheese burger and really, there is nothing to be fascinated about, perhaps with the exception of  the big juicy beef patty as a consolation.

Conclusion: Reasonable priced and reasonable/average food. While their desserts had been delightfully-looking and most reviews were on their desserts, I think they deserve a second chance. We will probably be back at their Takashimaya outlet to try their desserts.

Verdict: 6/10

2 Jurong East Central 1,
#01-08 Jcube,
Singapore 609731

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