Ivins Nyonya Specialities

17 Jun

I recalled the week before I was sharing my heartening experience of finding a good restaurant/cafe out of all things. It kinda saddened me this week after coming across this place in the heartland area called Ivins Nyonya Specialities. In fact, we were utterly disappointed.

The food was generally okay and had that particular kind of homely cooked food feeling.We ordered the honey chicken, Nyonya Chap Chye (mixed vegetables), Ikan Sambal Manis (sweet sambal fish) and Meatball soup.

The honey chicken was not too bad. Crispy and the honey taste, makes me wanna gobble down more rice along with it. On the other hand, I find the Nyonya Chap Chye at the losing end as its abit bland and I would have preferred more seasoning in it. The sweet sambal fish was alright, no surprises but still reasonable.

Apparently we had found the soup to be quite tasty. However, what really brought to our attention and shocking, was that we found a strand of hair in the Meat ball soup… Eew đŸ˜¦ Well, this is not good but would have been acceptable to us, if the staffs have admitted that it was their fault and got the meat ball soup replaced for us.

The totally unacceptable thing was the fact that the staff did not apologise nor admit that it was their fault and that a strand of hair was in the soup! Despite that, the staff came back from the kitchen and boldly replied that what we had seen and found, was actually pepper and she had smelled it and affirmed that. What utter nonsense? My friend had rebutted her that pepper is not in the form of a strand but yet she had insisted her way. Total disappointment and there’s no point for us to argue with her if she has acted in that manner.

Conclusion: While the food was not really pricey but to have this level of service, defeats the whole purpose… I reckoned that it would make me think twice before visiting the place again… It’s certainly is not a good way of doing business and is not a pleasant experience to begin with.

Verdict: 2/10

Kovan Heartland Mall
2nd Floor

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