Su Korean Cuisine

25 Jun

It’s nice that friends come and gather together. This time, our gathering place is none other than Su Korean Cuisineat Far EastPlaza. We were lucky that we got a “suite”, a cosy corner tucked in one corner of the restaurant. Awesome~~~

Like most typical Korean restaurants, the side dishes here are refillable. Yum yum, the sides dishes were generally ok and I would love to have more of them. I personally favored the Kim Chi and spinach more.

While our group is fairly large, we have ordered an array of dishes for sharing. These include the grilled pork, squid, chicken, beef, Ginseng chicken soup, Kim chi fried rice, stir fried rice cake and seafood pancake. Whoa that’s quite alot of food…

Let’s talk about the good. I found the rice cake to be of certain standards. While it’s not difficult to find Korean rice cake. To find good rice cake is a challenge. I always find most of the rice cake that I had, to be tough and not “Q” (springy) enough. Su Korean on the contrary, have managed to do a good job in their rice cake. The seafood pancake with the accompany of soy sauce was pretty interesting as well.

The Ginseng chicken soup was not too bad either with the exception that it was not served warm. With every bit of the soup, one could taste the flavour of the Ginseng. Most importantly of all, its not too bitter for some. We paid an extra $6 to have the soup topped up. This time round, we could really have a good feel of the hot Ginseng chicken soup. Nice~~~~

While the grilled meats were reasonable. I would have preferred the squid to be coated in some spicy sauce like sambal chilli. What really has attracted my attention, was the grilled beef. I personally found the beef to be the best of all. The beef remains soft while not over-cooked and the sweetness of the beef has got me.

Let’s talk about the not so good now. Though most of my friends have praises for the Kim Chi fried rice, I think that the fried rice could have done better. While I have better ones out there, I have high expectations for my fried rice. I think that the Kim Chi fried rice here is not as tasty and flavourful as else where.

Conclusion: Though a simple Korean restaurant, I thought that the food served here, were generally reasonable and should not have any major complaints.While there is a UOB credit card promotion going on, diners can have 15% off the total food bill. This is certainly cost saving for one.

Verdict: 7/10

14 Scotts Road
#01-21 Far East Plaza

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