Wimbly Lu

22 Jul

Ahhhhh~~~ Who says heartland areas do not have good cafes. I think Wimbly Lu fits the description of a nice and cosy cafe and I thought they have done pretty well. It is truly a hidden find, tucked away from the town and way in the residential area of Serangoon.

We were there on a Saturday night and the cafe was at full-house. That just shows how far people can go for a good hangout place. There was a vintage looking beetle car and the decoration in the cafe itself were pretty and cosy. We just felt relaxed and comfortable at the place. A big thumbs up for the decors! It’s one of our favourite hangout now.

We ordered the Root Beer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream for sharing.
The Root Beer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream was a good combination on a class of its own. I have tried cola chicken wings but my first time trying a Root Beer Cake. I found it pretty unique. The Vanilla Ice Cream was sweet and we both love it.

After having the sweet, we ordered the Lemon Meringue for a change. Something sourish and delicate looking…. The lemon taste was strong while not being too empowering. One can also taste a tinge of sweetness in them. Its more of a sweet and more sourish.. Haaaaa.

Conclusion: If one happens to be around the vicinity, I would recommend this place to all. A nice and cosy place is hard to come by. Having said that, it would be worth the extra mile for those that are thinking of making a special trip down. If one have not enough of their desserts, one can always have their lovely chocolates take-away as well. Good job Wimbly Lu.
Verdict: 8/10

15-2 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987
Contact no. 62891489

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