Loysel’s Toys

7 Aug

I must say I’m somewhat amazed how far people can go for the hunt of food. Loysel’s Toys is situated at an old industrial building near Kallang Riverside Park, which is somehow rather “Ulu” (secluded). Despite where the cafe is, I can see crowds of people at Loysel’s Toys. Amazing…

Upon arriving at the place, we were welcomed by a string of bicycles. Apparently, the cafe is carrying out the rental business of bicycles as well. I guess that’s a pretty good move as people can have a ride at the nearby park…

While the weather is hot, we were thrilled to find a vintage table made of white cast iron at the outdoor area since the interior of the cafe is so small and squeezy which makes it kinda challenging for us to find a table. One will be given a paper cup marked with a number  when placing the order. Interesting concept isn’t it?

I have high expectations for their coffee since they have prided themselves as the coffee crafters. Unfortunately, we were not impressed by their coffee although we have read that their forte is in their coffee and not the food.

The Mocha that we have ordered, seems abit off. While its not sweet, the taste of chocolate is not that strong either. Frankly speaking, I would prefer the Mocha elsewhere.

The Latte on the other hand, managed to recover a few points. I would have preferred the Latte over the Mocha all time. Tasty coffee is the result of a balanced espresso and milk. The Latte scored pretty well in this area. My only complaint is that the cup size is abit small. Keke…

We also ordered the Flourless Chocolate Cake and Lemon Tart for sharing. Generally, these were average. Nothing fanciful but okay.

Conclusion: The place maybe good for those whom live nearby and want a caffeine fix while reading the novel but may not be worth the effort for those whom live at the other part of the island.

Verdict: 6/10

66 Kampong Bugis, 
Ture, #01-02
Singapore 338987

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