Delightful Buffet @ En Japanese Dining Bar

15 Sep

Oh La La~~~ I’m happy! The reason? It has been quite awhile since I had so much good food and on top of it, it’s free. Haaaaa~~~  Food makes one happy and I’m no exception. I had my birthday treat at En Japanese Dining Bar. While they have both ala carte and ala carte buffet, we went for the latter. Probably the best decision we ever made and one of the best Japanese buffet we had. We left feeling very full and satisfied, totally awesome experience.

When it comes to buffet means that we got to eat a lot more than usual and make full use of our calories intake. I would say we totally lost control and went on a food rampage. We had no regrets though. For S$52++ (Fri – Sun), we can have endless flow of beef shabu shabu, fresh sashimi, sushi, appetizer, salad, grilled dishes, rice & noodle, dessert and etc. Long story short, the food is definitely enough to go around without one feeling bored and starved. The food list is too exhaustive and this post will be too long by the time I finished blabbering. Hence, I’m going to focus on the must-tries and end off with few of the images that we have taken when we were there.


Beef Carpaccio Half Size

Sliced raw beef with Ponzu sauce. Fresh and real sweet slices of beef. A good starter to begin with.

Australia Wagyu Beef (Shabu Shabu)

Australia wagyu beef for the shabu shabu. Look at those beautiful marks on the beef. Big and thin slices of beef. Definitely of high quality and a must try for beef lovers. We love it!

Sashimi Platter

Look at those thick and chunky slices (not mentioning that they were fresh, sweet and succulent) of Sashimi featuring Tuna, Snapper, Sword Fish, Salmon and Yellowtail. Yes, “Sword Fish”! En Japanese Dining Bar is one of the very few that offers Sword Fish for the buffet selection. I totally fell in love with their Sashimi, simply too nice to reject the temptation.

Wafu Steak

This is possibly one of the many must-tries. The beef is real tender and juicy. Thumbs up!

Garlic Fried Rice

The Garlic Fried Rice was nice! The Garlic smell was not overpowering and the rice had a nice tinge of the Garlic flavor. Drool~~~

Pork & Kimuchi Fried Rice

This is yet another must-try, executed perfectly! I really like the combination of the pork and Kimchi with Fried Rice. How well they go hand in hand…

Unagi Fried Rice

I reckoned that the Unagi Fried Rice will be good. Too bad, we can’t eat no more. However, I have heard raved reviews about their unagi fried rice and I will include this as one of the must-tries as well.

Conclusion: No doubt, this is possibly one of the better, if not the best Japanese buffet around. If you have no idea, Zen is also one of the Japanese restaurant under the En group. I think they deserved to be nominated to the list of the Best Japanese Buffet in Singapore. The quality and freshness of the food justified that statement. Also, this place is a beef haven for beef lovers so beef lovers wait no more and get off your couch. Haha 😛
Verdict: 9/10

557 Bukit Timah Rd
Crown Centre
Singapore 269694
Telephone: +65 6468 5710Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 6pm to 11pm (Last order 10pm)
Sat – Sun & PH
12pm to 3pm (Last order 220pm)
6pm to 10.30pm (Last order 10pm)

2 Responses to “Delightful Buffet @ En Japanese Dining Bar”

  1. Kaori September 17, 2012 at 4:42 PM #

    Wonderful review! Will definitely try soon! Very sweet proposal, congratulations!! Dont mind that I link you up eh? =)

    • mrchefpooh September 17, 2012 at 5:01 PM #

      Hi Kaori, thanks for popping by. Appreciate your kind comments =) Sure why not? Keke

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