Lovely Find @ River Palace Chinese Restaurant

24 Nov

It has been awhile since my last post. This time, I would like to share with you guys a lovely find and perhaps a hidden find at River Palace Chinese Restaurant. River Palace Chinese Restaurant features Ala-Carte Chinese Buffet Lunch & Dinner. We were there for dinner and the dinner was pretty affordable (S$38.80++ for adult; S$24.80++ for child). On top of that, there’s credit card promotion going on now, one adult dines for FREE with every three paying adults! I think it’s worth a try especially when there is a promotion going on. Totally value for money!

Besides the usual ala-carte dishes, one will also be entitled to one limited serving of prawns and a shark fin soup. Well, the prawns were fresh and I meant real fresh. Just look at the colour of the prawns!

We had many dishes but the ones that had caught my attention were none other than the salmon, duck meat wrapped in beancurd skin, braised pork belly, prawn paste chicken wings and perhaps the chilli crabs. I thought the above dishes are worth a try if one has a chance to visit this restaurant. Pardon with me, this post may get too lengthy due to the number of dishes.


The salmon was great for a Chinese restaurant. It was fresh and juicy and definitely one of my favourite there.

Duck meat wrapped in beancurd skin

What I had really liked about this dish, was that the duck meat along with the sauce was real flavourful. Eaten along with the beancurd skin, makes it a great snack.

Braised pork belly

I thought the braised pork belly was executed pretty well too. Soft and tasty pork belly which literally melts in your mouth. One may wish to exercise discretion when having this dish though. I reckoned this dish is full of calories…

Prawn paste chicken wing

I have roped the chicken wing in as chicken wing was our all time favourite. I guess it wouldn’t go too wrong if the chicken wing was marinated well and of course, not over-cooked.

Chilli crab

While I was full and perhaps lazy to get my hands dirty, I did not manage to try the crab. Lol~~~ Hence, I couldn’t comment on the freshness of the crab. However, what I did tried was the sauce of the chilli crab. I thought the sauce was not too bad.

Other dishes

I would not comment much on the rest of the dishes as I guess they were okay but not fantastic. Nonetheless, do take a look at the photos. I have read good reviews about the marble goby fish but apparently, this did not appeal to me and I thought it was below average.

Marble goby fish

I think this was asparagus with scallop

Broccoli with mushroom

Peking duck

Deep fried dough with prawn paste

Sweet & sour pork

Wasabi fish

Conclusion: While there are misses, we couldn’t complain much for such an affordable fare. In my opinion, I thought the food and ambience were of reasonable standard for that price.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Riverview Hotel
Robertson Bridge @ Singapore River
382 Havelock Road, Singapore 169629
Reservation: (65) 6349 4865

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