Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu @ Azmaya

9 Aug


We had a chance to visit this authentic Japanese Shabu Shabu restaurant and the experience was awesome! Azmaya is a fairly new Japanese Shabu Shabu restaurant at Robertson Quay with bosses from Japan.


While we were early and the place was empty, we were surprised to find out that the place had already been fully booked. Lesson learnt here is that one has to make reservation to avoid being disappointed. A look in the restaurant, one could find many of the patrons being Japanese. We thought to ourselves that the food must be authentic since the Japanese also patronised this place.




Let’s cut the chase and talk about the speciality here. The speciality is none other than their snow dome soup with wagyu beef Shabu Shabu. Yes, the soup is snowy white which seems to be cooked with egg whites and milk. While the soup is not meant for drinking, it is only meant for the dipping and swiping of the meat in the soup. What really drew our interest is the A5 wagyu beef! We have nothing but praises for the quality of the beef.  It’s so fresh and every mouth of it taste sweet. Just a look at the texture and the colour of the beef, we know its fresh and delicious.



We went for the Pork and A5 Wagyu Shabu Shabu Buffet which allows us to have unlimited servings of pork and wagyu beef for 2 hours. Apart from the meat, we were given some vegetables, bean sprouts, mushrooms and Udon to go along with our free flow of pork and beef.  Yes! I bet we would have taken more protein than any other day but it’s all worth while.

Conclusion: While a hotpot may be perfect for a cold and rainy day, I reckoned a hotpot such as Azmaya will be good for any other day. This is a good place for gathering and get along with friends. However, the Pork and Wagyu Shabu Shabu Buffet is at no cheap price tag of S$90 per person. After all, one is paying for the quality. It may be more worthwhile when Azmaya provides special promotion discount off the price up to 50%.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Address: 30 Robertson Quay #01-12/13, Singapore 238251
Contact: +65 6737 6863 

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