26 Jan

IMG 2821

This year’s food porn started kinda late. Was busy with mundane stuff and have been spending my time shuffling from work to hospital. We finally had a chance to take a break and do brunch at this truly hidden find – Suprette. Suprette is a fairly new hideout, which have just surfaced in this industry for 3 past 4 months. I have reckoned that people will not be able to figure out that there is a cafe/restaurant at a budget hotel. The cafe is not visibly seen from the outside which makes it a perfect hideout.

Well, to be honest, I have been struggling whether to share this post online. The power of social media can never be looked down upon… The side effect is that we could no longer enjoy some easy cosy time there. Hahaha 😛 However, we concurred that sharing is giving. And here you go.

To begin with, this place is rather small and I’m not sure whether they are able to take reservations. Long story short, be there early if you guys are planning to have brunch there. They are closed for dinner preparation from 2.30 pm onwards. Haha, yes I wish they had stretched their timing a bit as we are the same as everyone. We just wish we could snuggle in the comfort of our bed longer.

IMG 2825

It’s our first time here and how could we have missed out the Suprette Burger. Suprette Burger is basically a burger with a thick beef patty and cheese. The beef was done just right and I thought it will be a worth a try when anyone of you are here. Meanwhile, the side dishes are a generous servings of fries. The catch is if you are here for dinner. All mains come with a side salad and free flow of fries. Thumbs up. Though I thought the servings of fries are generous enough already… Haaaaaa~~


Next is the Welsh Rarebit. What an interesting name, “Rabbit”. Lol, for a moment, I thought its rabbit. Welsh Rarebit is basically a cheese on toast. The taste was okay but a little tad too salty for our liking. Perhaps, the chef went a little heavy on the cheese that day. Oh well, at least it’s edible. Lol.

IMG 2820

We ordered ourselves a drink after all these heavy food. Ahhhh, my favourite: coffee. The latte here, though was simple but was smooth and just nice for our liking.

Conclusion: Next time when you are around the corner, why not just pop by this lovely little hideout and give it a try. We hope you will have a pleasant time like we did. Thank you for reading.

Verdict: 7/10

383 Jalan Besar,
Singapore 209001
Kam Leng Hotel Lobby
Contact: +65 6298 8962
Open Daily
7am to 11:30pm
Till 2am on Friday & Saturday

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